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Markesia 2 days ago

Shrimp & Grits

The shrimp and grits were so awesome, I really just love this place.

Bouncinglotus 15 days ago

Catfish Supper

We had the catfish, greens, gumbo and a few other items. All of it was amazing! My favourite place on the planet is New Orleans and I was transported there during my meal at Darrows! The space also with the beautiful mural and the comfortable homey feel added to the experience. And the owner greeted us like we were old friends. Def go to Darrow's. You will not be disappointed.

Edimurp 23 days ago

Bayou Salad With Grilled Catfish

OMG!!! This dish was amazing! I wanted to stay all day and eat and eat and eat and enhoy and enjoy and enjoy! Im going back and try the greens and catfish. After feasting on my well prepared meal, I'm going to immerse my taste buds with The Peach Cobbler!!

Brittneyy17 27 days ago

File Gumbo Ya Ya

Absolutely delicious. I thought my mom made the best gumbo, but this one certainly rivals it. Pleasantly surprised.

Kimberly about 2 months ago

Big Easy Supper

Wow. From some serious LOVE entering Darrows door down to every item and drink was just amazing. Absolutely outstanding. It's our One year anniversary and I'm telling you this place will set the mood. Hehe Hospitality to the fullest. We're hooked. Love love love. Kimmy n Ry

Headvincent23 about 2 months ago

Bayou Salad With Grilled Catfish

Best salad I've ever had it's to die for ! 👌🏾

Tayloralexandria05 2 months ago

Shrimp Po'Boy

This po'boy is just everything! Tastes just like it's straight out of New Orleans! I even had the gumbo too and it was EVERYTHING. The drinks are great too! Darrow's is my new favorite restaurant!

Emmieg85 3 months ago

Catfish Po'Boy

The food here is full of flavor and fresh. Everything is made to order & your hurricane drink is to die for!! Your restaurant is always clean and the staff is extremely warm & welcoming. Keep up the good work!!

Danamichelle35 3 months ago

Catfish Po'Boy

This was my first time eating here via Uber Eats, I was nervous because I normally don't try anything for the first time that way because there is no recourse if you're dissatisfied with the food! I'm happy to say my first impression was a good one! The catfish poboy was flavor and the red bean and rice were on point! U have a repeat customer!

Bluedreams 3 months ago

Zeek Po'Boy

This is by far my favorite! We always order this, party wings and a side of jambalaya. The Zeke is the perfect combo of flavors. Tater salad on the bread is only way to go and get it fried. This place is like visiting family.

Tonya 4 months ago

Combo Supper

Being a Texas girl, trapped in Cali (just kidding, love it here) I was a little cautious about a restaurant that was bold enough to call itself a "New Orleans' grill"...well, let me tell is DEFINITELY a taste of New Orleans. From the daiquiri machines, the music, the friendliness of the staff and the's all good. New Orleans is my 2nd favorite city in the world...I've spent a lot of time there, and I can tell you this place is as close as you are gonna get without being there. Kudos!

Pearadice01 4 months ago

Slow Roasted Brisket Po'Boy

Excellent food, never disappointed and everyone is so friendly. Great atmosphere and I will definitely be back.

Kamyakhavan 4 months ago

Red Beans & Rice

A great test of real South Louisiana cooking is the classic red beans and rice dish. Darrow's, you done good. No dish feels like love as much as red beans and rice. Tons of flavor. Excellent consistency and ratios. Perfect vehicle for lots of hot sauce. Darrow's has many many great dishes, but the loving bowl of simple beans and rice is my fave.

Robinlyn 4 months ago

Cajun Fries

I'm not typically a fan of skinny cut fries, but I got the spicy Cajun fries and they delivered, flavor, flavor, flavor

Jarrett 4 months ago

Shrimp Po'Boy

Best po' boys in SoCal!

Smandiej 5 months ago

Party Wings

I wish they were the whole wing, but love these lil guys just the same. Legit fried chicken!

Smandiej 5 months ago

Combo Supper

They know how to fry here. Always perfectly cooked & crispy, and not greasy at all. Very lightly covered with a perfectly spiced cornmeal crust, not a heavy batter. For hero status, add on a side of party wings!

Seabaldy 5 months ago


Beignets, gumbo, red beans and rice. I loved it all!!

Dwight 13 days ago

Big Easy Supper

The Big Easy Supper have catfish, shrimp, oysters, combination greens, red beans/ rice and corn bread. It was delicious!!!!

Patrina 18 days ago

Bayou Classic Po'Boy

Love the food and ambience. The bartender was very hospitable. he answered all my dumb and repetitive questions with a smile.

Kaymeshamurphy 25 days ago

Bayou Classic Po'Boy

had the best po'boy ever! and those hurricanes & daiquiris are it ! try this place!

Bbhassell about 2 months ago

Catfish Supper

When I come to Carson I make it point to stop in and have a bite to eat. The Catfish, greens and red beans and rice are my favorite. You can't go wrong with the peach or pear cobbler. It is always worth the drive from San Diego!

Douglas about 2 months ago

Surf & Turf Po'Boy

Very tasty and good service -- as I was in after the lunch hour the place was empty.

Shopperbee123 about 2 months ago

Shrimp Supper

Darrows is one of my favorite places to go. I love the fried catfish and shrimp dinner. My favorite sides to go with it are the jumbalaya and the red beans and rice. I often get an extra side of the jumabalaya for the following day for lunch. The banana puddin' is also very good (it's a good idea to get an extra one of those to take home too :). Also, the staff are great whether you are dining in or doing take out they are very friendly. Also, they are just as generous with their take out servings as when you dine in - and their takeout is well packed. Great food and great service keep me coming back for more :)

Dave 3 months ago

Bayou Classic Po'Boy

I love Darrow's fine cooking! Whether it's Red Beans & Rice Monday, Jambalaya or PoBoys, the food is authentic Louisiana. Brings me back in time to Saints Football great beer, the Best music and food!

Patty 3 months ago

Impossible Wrap

The Impossible wrap was delicious! Loved it! The meat was well seasoned and the addition of greens and red beans gave this wrap a great overall flavor. Try it with Gator Sweat. Yum!

Koi 3 months ago

Shrimp Po'Boy

My wife and I tried Darrow's on a whim, hunting for a well executed po'boy. We had the shrimp po' boys with cajun fries and party wings. We were not disappointed. Absolutely delicious! The shrimp were heavily seasoned bites of goodness. The po' boys were fully dressed. The fries didn't last more ten minutes. The party wings were a meal unto themselves --- perfectly salted and seasoned, no need for any dipping sauces to cover for a lack of flavor. We have been, and will continue to be, repeat customers. Darrow's is just plain good.

Alexb226 4 months ago

File Gumbo

The file gumbo was delicious as always! Also got the zeke, my favorite po boy, and a beignet. So good!

Khanhamad902 4 months ago

Bayou Blend Greens

great taste and best services

Greg 4 months ago

Chicken Wing Supper

Every time I have been here I have never been disappointed. The staff have always been a great help. I would recommend that everybody take a day to see how great the food is..

Gadgetbeatz 4 months ago

Ground Turkey Wrap

The food was amazing

Robinlyn 4 months ago


DELICIOUS! This was my first time at Darrows so I didnt know what to expect but the Jumbalaya exceeded my expectations! I would def get it next time I visit

Robert 5 months ago

Big Easy Supper

Catfish, shrimp and oysters with jambalaya and greens. Also gumbo yaya

Smandiej 5 months ago

Bayou Blend Greens

What collards should taste like!

Smandiej 5 months ago

Peachy Cobbler

Like grandma used to make 💕💕

Greg 6 months ago

Big Easy Supper

The food was great. I will be attending again very soon.. Nowrood was a pleasure to talk to he gave me a great insight on how the menu works an even some great history.


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